Outook mailbox space low.

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Outook mailbox space low.

Post by sbonnett » Mon May 08, 2017 2:43 pm

Checking folder sizes
Right click on the top heading on the left section, where your email accounts are.
Choose Datafile Properties
Click on "Folder Size" button
Look down list for large folders - use these for following up.

Check inbox, sent items, etc for emails with large attachmtents and delete if not needed.
** Right click on email list headings", Choose "Field Chooser", Drag "Size" on to headings area, click on it afterwards to sort by size **

Remove duplicate old conversational emails, if your latest email has older correspondence why keep the others ? - same in sent items !!

Run File, CleanUp, Archive, select top item in the list, set date to move items to archive file.

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